banana bread with streusel topping

Banana Bread with Streusel Topping

I’ve been on strict orders to cut back on my sugar intake. And here I am with a baking blog. How ironic.  But it’s only for some time. So I’ve… Continue reading »

Sweet Dough

Basic Sweet Yeast Dough Recipe (drozhevoe testo)

I won’t take up your time today with my rambling. It will be short and sweet. I promise. I guess for starts I want to say Happy Friday! and second…If… Continue reading »

Cream puffs with custard and whipped cream!

Cream Puffs with Custard and Whipped Cream

Yes! They are finally posted! I’ve been trying to make them since September. Yes as in 4 months ago…and 3 tries. Because I’ve never made cream puffs before, I wasn’t… Continue reading »


Grenki (Russian French Toast)

Couple reasons why I love this french toast (grenki) recipe: It takes 10 minutes to make Puts good use to that stale, old bread that no one wants to eat… Continue reading »

snezhinki (snowflake cookies) One side butter cookie, other side meringue sandwiched between chocolate butter cream frosting!

Snezhinki (Snowflake Cookies)

Each time I try to bake one of mom’s cakes or cookies, I begin understanding how talented that woman is. She is just so amazing, and growing up I took… Continue reading »

Merry Christmas!

Singing Christmas songs at the top of our lungs, out of tune, smell of burnt cookies in the air, and the house upside-down are the signs of Christmas over here. … Continue reading »

chocolate butter cream frosting

Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting

I’m not a butter cream frosting lover. Maybe because I had too many bad butter cream frosting experiences in my day. You know, the ones where you bite into a… Continue reading »

how to make the perfect custard, recipe with step by step instructions.

How to make the perfect custard (pastry cream)

I’ve never heard of custard until I asked mom for her cake recipes. I realized I had to get comfortable with this bad boy since it was in almost all… Continue reading »

Butter cookies sandwiched between jam, dipped in ganache, and sprinkled with almonds

Butter Cookies

While growing up, we always had a stash of these butter cookies in the house. Reason being is that they keep very well, and we Russians seem to always have… Continue reading »

crispy treats

White Chocolate Crispy Treats

I was first introduced to these white chocolate crispy treats when my wonderful sister-in-law, Alina, made them for my baby shower. For some reason, biting into this white chocolate mess… Continue reading »